About Me

the most accurate depiction of Nicky to date

the most accurate depiction of Nicky to date

Who are you?

My name is Nicky, I write for this blog. I’m a former recruitment consultant and current career coach for graduates

Why did you start this blog?

To help anyone who is struggling as bad as I was when I first left University and started looking for a graduate job.

I graduated at the height of the recession – it took me almost a year to find a job – and in that time I went through 49 interviews, suffered countless humiliations and had to bounce back from numerous rejections – I was even made to dance the chicken at an interview and still didn’t get the job!

What I learned from that experience is that not only was I doing all the wrong things, but that most of us are taught to go about job hunting in the most inefficient, time-consuming and useless way possible.

This blog is to counter all of that – it focuses on the most efficient and quickest ways to find a graduate job.

It’s the resource I wish I had back then.

For anyone who feels the way I used to: if you’re struggling, increasingly frustrated and slowly losing hope

You can get a great graduate career fast – it is possible and I will show you how.

What do you do when you’re not busy writing for graduatejobinaweek and helping grads find a job?
I’m a bit of an exercise fanatic – so usually I’m out running or in the gym. I’m also a big coffee fan so if you know any interesting coffee recipes, like this one please let me know!

How can readers reach you?
If you want to say hi or have any questions, you can reach me by filling the form at the bottom of this page – I’ll do my best to get back to you asap.

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