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So what’s all this about?

Glad you asked! We believe that looking for a graduate job shouldn’t be so difficult and it definitely shouldn’t take so long!

I have no idea what_s going on_ but I_m excited_

Graduatejobinaweek.co.uk is the UK’s first instructional blog on how to get a graduate job fast – it’s the UK’s first and only online step by step guide to getting a graduate job. If you’re a job hunting graduate and you’re struggling, frustrated or just plain confused – we’ll help you out.


How are you going to do that then?

one does not simply

We’re going to do this in two ways:

1) Weekly instructional posts that show you how to get a graduate job fast

Every week there will be a new post where we will tackle an aspect of graduate job hunting e.g. ‘how to email you way into a new graduate job’, ‘how to ace your interview in less than 5 minutes’ or ‘how to get a graduate job in 3 days

2) The Graduate Job Search Surgery

Every two weeks we’ll hold a job search surgery where we will answer your most pressing Graduate job hunting questions such as “How should I choose my first graduate job”, or “What’s the most important question to ask in an interview’.

If you have any questions that you’d like me to answer– you can send them here


I’m in a bit of a pickle: I didn’t get good grades/have no work experience/I’m unable to network…can you still show me how I can kickstart my career?

oh yes

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got networking connections or not, how little work experience you’ve got, or whether you got a first or a 3rd. We’ll show you how you can work around these difficulties and get a graduate job in no time.


So what makes you an expert?


I am a former recruitment consultant, which means that I’m well versed with all the secrets of the recruitment industry. I’ve placed numerous graduates in various roles from IT to Finance, so I know first hand what works and what doesn’t work.  I intend to tell you exactly how to use that knowledge to your benefit and kickstart your graduate career.


Why did you start this blog?

I started this blog for two reasons:

1) First reason: I know how painful it is to be a struggling job hunting graduate

graduate job search getting too much

Despite the 11.9% increase in graduate vacancies and the recession subsiding, it’s still bloody difficult  to actually find a graduate job as i know from my own experience.

…time for a short story

I graduated at the height of the recession and the year I graduated was one of the toughest and most painful experiences of my life (and I once broke my leg in two places!)

I was looking for my first proper job, unemployed, poor, increasingly depressed and without a clue – I couldn’t find any truly helpful resources that could guide me out of the mess I was in.

I want this blog to be the helpful resource I never had and I intend to use my knowledge to help anyone who is as frustrated, hopeless and struggling as I was.

Even if I can just help one person get a job, I’ll be a happy bunny.

Second reason: Most resources out there for grads aren’t very helpful

Most of the standard job search advice for graduates is , to put it mildly – rubbish


the state of most graduate job search advice

It does very little to actually help you – a lot of it is vague, outdated and not specific enough. Conventional job search advice doesn’t take into account the unique situation you’re in as a new graduate: that this is your first foray into the world of work, you’re likely to have very little work experience and haven’t had the chance yet to build up a network of professional contacts. Not to mention that there is almost no advice for you if you’ve not gotten the ‘right’ grades.


What Makes You Different?

graduates think outside the box

We’re focused on speed: we know you don’t have a lot of time to mess about so it’s all about the quickest ways to find a graduate job.

We’ll show you how to work around your weaknesses: don’t have work experience? We’ll never tell you to start volunteering or to take an unpaid internship but instead show you how you can turn no experience into a strength and still kickstart your graduate career. [future blog post: keep your eyes out!]

Written by a recruitment expert: I’m a former recruitment consultant with tons of experience recruiting graduates. Who better to explain all the best tips and tricks to you? I’ll show you the short cuts to the recruitment process.


Do I Have To Pay Anything?

Nope! Everything on this site is free


However, if you do want to support us, there will be an ebook very soon, detailing various graduate job search strategies and hacks

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