• Are You A Graduate?
  • Struggling With Your Job Search?
  • Frustrated By How Long It’s Taking?

If you’ve said yes to all 3 – then you’ve come to the right blog!

At we’ll show you exactly, step by step, how you can get a graduate job – FAST.


What You Won’t Find Here:

red crossWe’re not in the business of providing vague, outdated and uninspiring ‘career advice’ that you’ve seen a million times elsewhere.


red crossWe’re not an online job website or recruitment agency (you won’t find jobs advertised here)


red crossWe’re not ever going to tell you that you’re life is over if you got a 2:2 or a 3rd or that you need to do an unpaid internship to get more work experience.


What you will find here:

Green TickWe are: the UK’s first and only instructional blog on graduate recruitment, providing you with step by step instructions to show you how to get a graduate job fast. We hate vague, impractical advice as much as you do, so this focuses on very specific and detailed directions you can follow to succeed.


Green TickWe are: big fans of hacks/secrets/workarounds and questioning assumptions: some of this might upset you and you may even think we’re full of rubbish but it works.

Don’t have work experience? We’ll show you how to work around that. Got less than stellar grades? We’ll demonstrate how you can still get a great graduate job. Nervous wreck and can’t stomach the thought of interviews? We’ll summon the help of science to show you how to cope.

Whatever issue you face in your graduate job search – we’ll find a way around it.

Green TickWe are: recruitment experts – I’m a former recruitment consultant and know the tricks of the trade. I will show you how to use insider info of the graduate recruitment process to your advantage and maximise your job search potential. If you follow the instructions on this blog, I’ll guarantee, you’ll make employers want to offer you the job in quick time.

To find out more about me – who I am and why I started this blog click here

If you’re new to this blog, I recommend you start with this post: ‘How To Get A Graduate Job In 3 Days‘, as it’s a great overview of the job search strategies and methods you’ll find here.


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